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The Nation’s apex body for HR professionals, NHRDN decided to take a positive step towards developing HR competency certifications and deliver a robust HR competency model that can cater to the industry standards. Today there is a need for quality HR Professionals in the industry and to make this successful, we need to bring professional standards.

By developing the NHRDN Competency Framework it will not only help individuals and organizations through assessments and programmes for further development but also it will become the fulcrum for various NHRDN offerings.

NHRDN Competency Framework is contemporary and contextualized to Indian conditions and the Competency Framework has gone through the rigour of multi levels of content and criterion validation. We are certain that it is bound to make an affirmative impact.

Upon deciding to frame, The NHRDN Competency Framework underwent several transformations under the able guidance of a team of true stalwarts of the HR realm.

The Core Team members of HRSCAPE :


Dr. Arvind N Agrawal, President (Corporate Development & Human Resources), RPG Enterprises

Committee Members:

• Mr. R Vidyasagar
• Prof. R K Premarajan
• Dr. Pallab Bandyopadhyay
• Dr. Tanaya Mishra
• Mr. L Prabhakar
• Mr. GP Rao
• Ms. Bhawana Mishra
• Mr. Pankaj Bansal
• Mr. Visty Banaji
• Mr. Debabrat Mishra
• Mr. David Lobo
• Mr. C Mahalingam
• Ms. Leena Sahijwani
• Mr. Sajid Iqbal
• Mr. Satish Pradhan
• Mr. Yogi Sriram
• Mr. Vineet Kaul
• Mr. Vijay Kumar
• Mr. Dhananjay Singh

The Design Team spent approx.100 days cumulatively on fine-tuning the varied aspects of the NHRDN Competency Framework. Starting with the elementary ‘Two by Two matrix’, substantial amounts of brainstorming in light of visionary interviews with CEOs, inputs from functional leaders such as CHROs, Subject Matter Experts and Indian as well as international thought leaders such as Prof Wayne Brockbank, besides discussions amongst practicing HR professionals as part of Focused Group & inputs via questionnaires led to the subsequent versions taking shape, one step at a time, in a structured manner.

Having reviewed leading Competency Models across the world, undoubtedly NHRDN Competency Framework combines the best of capabilities while taking care of the various areas of improvement. Completely re-architected, vis-à-vis the rather raw concept that earlier efforts to create competency framework, the new and refined version of the NHRDN Competency Framework surely has come a long way!

Arrival of NHRDN Competency Framework Snapshot


The Competency model comprises of Four Levels of Competencies.


Eligibility for Certification

• Any HR professional (including fresh HR Professionals)

Accessibility for Certification

• Provision of Online Enrollment & Assessment

Assessment Tools

• Online objective type assessments
• Caselets / In-basket exercises
• 360 degree assessments
• Remote Assessment Centres

Brand Context

As much effort went into creating a brand-name befitting the magnitude of the endeavor, when the name HRSCAPE (Structured Competency Advancement Programme & Evaluation) was zeroed in, implying that this ambitious project had the capability to change the very genetic make-up of the ever-transient corporate landscape by keeping the complete picture of HR competencies in perspective.

A very structured framework (indicated by the parallel bars), which is highly progressive (symbolized by the gradual rise in level of the colored bars) and yet vibrant enough to entice everyone associated to join in and achieve greater common goals is symbolized in the brand. Also very adaptable, the brand displays its logical and functional nature while making the strategy visible. The tag-line ‘People at 100%’ is aimed at constantly reminding us of our mission.

Way Forward – Short Term Goals

• Template Competency Map for few select roles to be developed
• Development of Assessment Tools
• Technology Partner Tie-up
• Commercial launch planned for May 2015

Why Get Certified – What’s In IT For ME (WIIFM)?

• Transform knowledge to Skills
• Professional growth
• Professional recognition
• Professional network
• Get noticed – social media integration enabled
• Be a pioneer

Benefits’ Road Map – Going Ahead

In today’s ever changing landscape befittingly termed ‘VUCA’ times, it certainly pays to have an added edge over competition and what better way to accomplish this than prove your worth by way of a credible certifying entity that is relevant to our current market scenario? While knowledge has been measurable traditionally, being able to validate job-specific skills and benchmark oneself against the market average comes as a boon to both HR professionals as well as prospective employers looking at equipping their work force better.

As organizations prepare to re-profile the very meaning of the HR function, in the times to come, it is perceived that an HR certification would turn out to be a prerequisite eligibility criterion for job selection and would also be woven into course curriculum of premium educational institutions in due course of time.

Custom made competency measuring aides would be made available to organizations wanting to indulge in a higher level of vigor to engage its team of HR professionals.

All this and much more await the Indian business landscape in the near future. So here’s to a renewed and invigorated nation, guided by highly skilled people managers!

HRSCAPE was officially launched on 21st November 2014, during the 18th National Conference of NHRDN – Sustainable growth in VUCA Times in Mumbai .



The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
The Case for a OE group in organizations & a OE body of Knowledge in HRD By R. Anand, Convener, OE Core Group, NHRDN; Amit Malik, Co-Convener; Dhananjay Singh, Executive Director, NHRDN;
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